Patient Testimonials

Dear Dr. Chandra,

As a new patient to your practice, I wanted to personally thank you for the warm, wonderful, and compassionate care that I received by you and your staff. While no one likes to spend time in a dental chair, your concern, kindness and thorough explanation certainly eased any apprehension that I had. As someone who has worked in the medical industry for the past thirty years, there is nothing more important than the quality of patient care and I found your periodontic practice to be a true center of excellence and I thank you.

With warmest regards,

Coming to a periodontist the first time was a terrifying experience for me. Fear always comes from the unknown. I have learned a lot from coming to this office. Dr. Chandra is committed to educating her patients alongside of treating their issues. That has helped me to feel I can participate in my health care. I feel I have choices. That has reduced my fear factor to nothing. I know what is coming so I can be ready for it.

I have learned that there is more to oral care than brushing your teeth. Gum and bone care are also important. I wish I had learned that sooner. People say to floss but they don’t really tell you why. I always thought it was about the teeth.

Gum stimulation is very important to keeping from losing bone. I learned this a little late for me, but I am teaching my children an important lesson for their life. Maybe it will save them from the surgeries I am going through for my own mouth.

I also want to say Dr. Chandra has been very supportive before, during and after the surgery . I have felt I can contact her if I need her. No question is off limits. She has called after every surgery too to see how everything is going. I know if I needed her after hours, she will be willing to talk with me.

I have had gum grafting, teeth pulled, bone grafting, and implants done now. I have more of the same to come. But now I know what to expect and can make it through better, and integrate these into my life-style. As a language teacher, I need my mouth to work well. I am grateful that my mouth is becoming healthy, functional and still looks nice.

I also have developed better oral cleaning habits to maintain and improve my oral health. I hope to prevent more unnecessary bone loss.

If I can recommend anything to new patients it would be: buy a sonic-care toothbrush, floss or use a water pick and get the interdental brushes. Use them! They do help! And be patient getting well. It took time getting into this mess, it will take time and effort to get out! The pain is manageable, too! I know I am in good hands with Dr. Chandra, and I do recommend her to you if you are serious about getting well and staying there.


I had a lengthening procedure done by Dr. Chandra. Since I had had the same procedure done elsewhere several years earlier, I had some ideas of what to expect. But the experience with Dr. Chandra exceeded any ideas I had.

She explained each step and checked with me as the procedure continued. I was comfortable and stress free.

I received follow-up instructions as well as written instructions to take for reference. There were no problems at all. And her staff is friendly and professional. I am happy to have been a patient with Dr. Chandra!


I never would have imagined that I would be writing about my experience at the periodontist. But here I am doing so.

First impressions are important. They determine whether or not you will return. I was impressed with Dr. Chandra’s competence during my first visit for evaluation.
Dr. Chandra explained my plan and time schedule in terms that I could understand.
I experienced very little pain with all procedures!

Her staff also contributed to a wonderful office atmosphere.

My experience with Dr. Chandra will add to my quality of my life. I will be able to eat well with healthy teeth and gums. I plan to live a long healthy life.

It is unusual to go into a doctor of dental medicine’s office for a procedure and gain much more than a provided dental service.

I can honestly say that not only was the implant procedure for my difficult condition, performed in a very competent, professional, and efficient manner, but Dr. Chandra and the office staff demonstrated that my care and well-being were of the highest priority.

I highly recommend Dr. Chandra for any and all periodontic services.

Just can’t thank you enough!

Dear Dr. + Staff – I would like to thank you and your staff for all you have done with me and for me. In appreciation for your giving of your time, your energy  and yourselves, with many thanks.